Financing a New Ford Has Never Been so Convenient

What if instead of missing work, school, or other obligations to go shopping for a financed vehicle, after over an hour of looking at vehicles at a dealership, you found out that you weren't accepted to that dealership's financing program? Fun! Not really. However, thanks to L.B. Smith Ford right here in Lemoyne, Pennsylvania, consumers are now able to fill out an application on our website that determines if they will be able to finance a vehicle, without asking to see them in person, on video chat, or on the phone.

People that use our function will save time and be able to repurpose it to other areas of life. People at work who might have previously asked off for a few hours to go vehicle shopping could work their regular hours that day as planned, thanks to our Ford finance team’s granting of an online application to potential customers seeking financing agreements. Never again has shopping for a financed car, truck, SUV, motorcycle, moped - whatever it is you prefer to drive - been so easy.

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