Ford's New BLIS: Keeping an Eye on Those Blind Spots

It's important for every driver on the road to be mindful of other vehicles on the road, whether they're on the jam-packed highway or an empty stretch with occasional traffic. Other drivers can come from any onramp or weave through traffic at maniacal speeds. So, it's important to check for the blind spots to see any surrounding cars, which can be done by looking over the shoulder or having additional mirrors. However, not everyone is comfortable looking away from the road ahead to look over the shoulder.

That's where Ford's new Blind Spot Information System (BLIS) can come into play. This new tool can help drivers detect other vehicles in their blind spots using the car's sensors. It can detect up to ten feet of any approaching vehicle and send a warning signal to the driver.

Ford's BLIS is a tool that can further aid good drivers to secure safety for themselves and their passengers. To learn more, contact a sales associate at L.B. Smith Ford in Lemoyne.

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