Car Battery Replacement Time Tips

Have you noticed lately that things are different in your electrical system on your car? The signs can be subtle and easy to miss, until they aren't subtle anymore. Then it's definitely time to replace the battery in your car. Here are some important tips to know so you never have to face that time when it's no longer subtle.

Security System Gone Wild
If your security system is doing odd things, then it might be time to replace that car battery. It might have a strange sound to the car when you lock it. It sounds like a squeal. Another big sign of battery problems is the security system, causing the battery indicator to move oddly at times.

If your headlights are starting to seem strange, then it is most likely your car battery. So many times people fail to notice this one. They simply get used to the dim lights. What is happening though, is that the battery is not giving the lights the power they need.
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