Finding the Best Tires for Your Vehicle

When you're searching for new tires to fit onto your Ford model, it's good to be prepared by knowing exactly what you're looking for. When you visit our team at L.B. Smith Ford in Lemoyne, PA, you're certain to find the perfect tires for your sedan, SUV, or truck model!

One type of tire is all-terrain truck tires which are large and made to be useful for hauling and towing. These tires also have an aggressive tread pattern, allowing them to benefit from a greater display of traction. Winter tires have a similar tread, with a lot of extra grit to help with handling and braking. These tires also have a snowflake symbol on their side which makes it easier to identify them. Lastly, summer tires are best for vehicles that typically drive in warm climates and come in ZR-, W-, and Y-speed ratings for sedans and sports cars.

To stay safe on the local roads, make sure to stop in our showroom to find the absolute best tires for your vehicle and have the best experiences that you can. You'll find us at 1100 Market Street when the time is right!

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