Top 5 Benefits of Driving a Dealership Recommended SUV

Sports Utility Vehicles are able to offer local consumers many generous benefits versus typical cars. There are five in particular that stick out to our staff at L.B. Smith Ford, making our SUV inventory more valuable for drivers in the Lemoyne area. If your needs from a vehicle require any of the following vehicle advantages, we can assure you that driving a recommended SUV from our showroom will be the best choice for you!

  • Seating – A more spacious interior and stronger chassis, allows for more passengers to travel
  • Towing – On average, this can vary from anywhere between 1,500 and 7,400 pounds
  • Horsepower – Up to 475 total horsepower output throughout the class.
  • Safety – Heavier and larger body of steel, and, in most cases, includes a durable front grill, can easily and safely withstand high grades of impact
  • High Ground Clearance – Drivers can expect anywhere from 6.3 inches to a 12.2 inch ride height, which helps to ensure that your drive is a bit smoother when passing over speed bumps and rough roads.

For a test drive of a quality SUV from a credited dealership, visit our dealership at 1100 Market Street. Our dealer lot includes some of the most stylish, safe, efficient and proficient warranted SUV models on the market to date, so be sure to come find yours today!


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