The Ford C-Max Hybrid: At the Forefront of Technology and Innovation

Compact hybrids are great vehicles for people who want to be environmentally conscious and save money on gas, and the Ford C-Max Hybrid is at the forefront of this class of vehicles. But it's a popular vehicle for more reasons than it's hybrid technology. It also has some of the best interior features on the market today.

The hands-free foot-activated liftgate is an innovative design feature that allows the user to open the hatch without awkwardly putting their groceries on the pavement. Just kick your foot with the Intelligent key in your pocket. The door will swing open with ease. You'll also be happy to know that, with the fold-down second-row seat, you'll have a place to put all of your cargo, like groceries, sports equipment, or whatever else you need to haul.

A compact hybrid with a lot of convenience features sounds pretty great, right? Come to our showroom in Lemoyne, PA, and you can learn all about the features of the Ford C-Max by taking a test drive.

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