Find Confidence with Ford Fusion Steering Assistance

Every time you drive, you can enjoy greater confidence behind the wheel of a 2018 Ford Fusion. Lemoyne drivers will appreciate the interior style and handsome curb appeal of this midsized sedan, but they will celebrate the power it gives them over every day driving challenges.

Electric-assisted power steering (EPAS) is Ford engineering at work for you. Fusions hold steady against oversteer during high speed driving. The system recognizes pull-drift conditions and regulates the Fusion's response. This feature also protects the car against common crosswind dangers that threaten to push the car off of its targeted trajectory. EPAS is standard on all trims, regardless of your engine choice. Ecoboost engines come in three varieties, balancing power and fuel efficiency.

There's much to discover in the 2018 Ford Fusion at L.B. Smith Ford. You are invited to take a test drive.


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